Sunday, May 31, 2009

25 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Katie!

Because I am dreadfully bored and trying HARD not to do homework, I though I'd post this fun "25 random things about Katie" survey for your reading pleasure!!

1. I am a space nerd. I went to US Space Camp when I was 16 (I won a scholarship!) I also met some awesome people there that I still keep in contact with.

2. Due to aforementioned space nerdiness, one of the highlights of my entire life was meeting and getting my picture taken with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first two men to walk on the moon.

3. I still owe Jessica Abbey 1/2 a bag of Tart 'N Tinies from high school. Or was it middle school?

4. I read the entire Twilight series twice last semester, and I'm seriously considering restarting them because I love them so much and I need my Edward Cullen fix.

5. Carrots make my mouth itch.

6. Everything bad thats happened to me or my family has happened in an odd-numbered year. Therefore, I am terrified of 2009.

7. When we were little, Molly puked all over my VTech play computer on the way home from a ski trip. I've never forgotten it. That's also the trip when we began belting Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." We still do that.

8. I got to go to Hanson's house in Tulsa in the 2nd grade. Isaac and Taylor came out and played with me, Molly, Leigh and Griffin on their tree house. Zac was sick, but it was ok because Taylor was my "boyfriend".

9. For a while, Molly and I thought that we were going to start a music group. We wrote a song called "Never Again". Kelly Clarkson totally stole our idea. It even has the same tune.

10. I don't have to make my bed every morning, but if I do, I HATE it when people sit on, jump on, or otherwise rumple the covers. It drives me absolutely crazy, therefore people aren't allowed on my bed once its made.

11. The sound nail files make makes me want to cut my ears off. I won't let anyone file their nails within about 100 yards of me. I can still hear it no matter how quiet you say it is.

12. With my upcoming wrist surgery, my surgery count will be at 7. I'll have almost caught up with Molly, who's at 9.

13. I can quote every single episode of Friends.

14. When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be Shamu's trainer. I still love that whale.

15. Molly and I used to think that the sunlight on the bottom of our pool was diamonds. We would pretend we were mermaids and dive down to collect them.

16. In my head, I categorize all my groups of friends. My PT friends are my "grown-up" friends, because I'm the youngest and they are doing things like getting married and buying their own health insurance.

17. I have an unhealthy obsession with The Beatles. My life goal is to meet one of them. (And funny sidenote- I actually dreamed that I made cupcakes with Paul McCartney last night.)

18. I'm terrified of actually graduating and getting a job as a physical therapist. I spend a lot of time in class wondering when I'll actually feel competent in what I'm supposed to know.

19. I'm a member of a secret society made up of Outback Ex-Togo Girls. We don't accept new members and we're probably cooler than you. We still get together and have slumber parties every Christmas.

20. I still dream about picking up my life and moving to Chicago. I'm completely in love with that town.

21. Until I was about 8, I hated taking baths. I would go into the bathroom, run the water, but not get in. My mom finally caught on and started feeling my skin to see if it had been wet/washed. I realize this is gross. Thankfully, I'm a big fan of hygeine now.

22. In the 8th grade, my friend Michelle convinced me that you had to lick the little sheets of white out to get it to work. I licked it and was really confused about why it wasn't working.

23. At every major holiday, my family has crazy Skip-Bo tournaments. I won at Christmas. Mike Beckham still has not won.

24. When I'm writing and concentrating really hard, I always lick my lips. I don't know why and I cannot help it!

25. My boyfriend is the love of my life. I didn't really believe in soulmates until we got together.

Now it's your turn!! And if you read all these, YOU WIN!!! CONGRATS!


  1. I read all of it! What do I win?! I didn't know you had to have another wrist surgery :(
    (PS--I love skip-bo!)

  2. Are you recycling an old post from facebook? I feel like I've read that before. By old I mean last semester (i.e. when you were about to have your last wrist surgery).