Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few random thoughts...

  • I am worried about getting the Swine flu, but I'm glad that mandatory school testing tells me that I don't have The TB.
  • On the otherhand, I probably did get some unidentifiable disease today due to rolling around on the NASTY floor of the COH basement while pretending to be a patient with a Spinal Cord injury.
  • I wish that I was as much of an optimist as Michael J. Fox claims to be. I think that I am pre-programmed to be an eternal pessimist (hence the fear about Swine Flu).
  • I went to KFC yesterday to get my free grilled chicken meal (courtesy of my BFF, Oprah), only to be told that the KFC had RUN OUT OF CHICKEN and was closing early. Seriously, KFC?!?!?! You are a CHICKEN restaurant.
  • I yet again am worried about failing a Neuro test tomorrow, but I am suprisingly unmotivated to do anything about it.
  • Dysdiadochokinesia is my new favorite word to insert into normal conversation.
  • Learning about Parkinson's Disease this week in school has upset me greatly because I feel like if my Papa had been diagnosed earlier, something could have been done to slow the progression of his PD.
  • I have been crying a lot this week about Papa because his PD is so severe and feel really guilty that I didn't stop and visit him on my way home from College Station this week.

This is an incredibly depressing post. To close with a good note:

6 days until the HELL SEMESTER is FINALLY over!!

7 days until my 22nd Birthday!!!

8 days until sunny Florida and the "walk-out-your-backdoor-onto-the-sand/beach" beach house we've rented!! Whoo!


  1. Heck yes 6 days...and can I come with in 8 days?

  2. Sorry you're sad. (And don't let guilt get the best of you!)
    Umm...can I join you in Florida?! I fit into a large suitcase. Just think about it.