Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Copycat, copycat!

I'm going to take the lead from my friend Chelsea and blissfully imagine the top 15 things that I want to do over my "summer" break! Whoo!

1. Lay on the beach and get a kick ass tan (well, as "kick ass" of a tan as my fair complexion lets me get!!)
2. Read chick novels with absolutely no substance, but lots of drama while laying on said beach.
3. Go to the movies and see "Angels and Demons" (Tom Hanks' new one!) and "Night At The Museum 2".
4. Have a totally awesome 22nd birthday--filled with friends and margaritas!
5. Go to bed late and sleep in late! And not feel bad about it!!
6. Not think about Neuro EVER EVER AGAIN!
7. Spend as much time with Trace as I want until he has to leave me again!
8. Sleep
9. Sleep
10. Sleep
11. Sleep
12. Sleep
13. Lay out.
14. Sleep
15. Sleep

Well, needless to say, I completely ran out of things that I want to do after #7! That's how I'm going to spend my break! Doing nothing but laying around and sleeping! Whoo!!! I've got 2 finals down (the easy ones) and 2 left to go (the bitch ones). Almost there!!!

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