Monday, April 20, 2009


First of all, I am done with The Sickness, thank God. Even though Katie K. told me that if "[i] got over it in one weekend, then it wasn't really The Sickness." It's a good thing she didn't tell me that on Friday night when I was curled up in sheets on my bathroom floor...for 16 hours.

So remember that David Cook concert in Tulsa that I couldn't find tickets to?

Well, my amazingly awesome dad found tickets on CraigsList and bought 3 for me, Molly, and my Mom to go!! Then he surprised me with them today!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! Early birthday gifts are the best, because usually that means that they are so awesome, they just can't wait until May 15th.

The only bummer is that I'm going to have to cancel plans to do Relay for Life with my amazing PT school friends, but this was completely a shock and I'm SURE they'll all understand!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sickness

I have The Sickness.

I have been throwing up since 11pm last night...and apparently there is no end in sight.

Geez louise.

Friday, April 17, 2009

This Week In Review...

A review of this week, based on potential Facebook status updates:
  • Katie hates it when she pours a bowl of Special K and all the red berries come out in one bowl. Now there are none left!
  • Katie isn't going to survive this week. 2 tests friday...eek!
  • Katie is sick and tired of attempting to memorize neuro tracts and cranial nerves!
  • Katie's patience is running extremely low this week.
  • Katie thinks that Miley Cyrus should stop headbanging on American Idol. Geez louise, you're singing a ballad in EVENING WEAR. And your voice sounds like you have a perpetual cold.
  • Katie is going to bed without getting much accomplished, again.
  • Katie really enjoyed getting to know her spinal cord injury patients, but now it's back to neuro!
  • Katie did well on the Adult Neuro test from last week, whoo!
  • Katie is pounding Crystal Light Focus at 2am to stay awake. Test #1 is 7 hours away!
  • Katie probably should have studied for her Peds test more...oh well! Freaking out a little now!
  • Katie is down one with one to go before this hell day/week/month is finally over!!
  • Katie can't STAND listening to other people study! This is a QUIET ROOM people!
  • Katie moved rooms and now has a Dorito cruncher to her right and an APPLE CHOMPER to her left!! DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
  • Katie is cramming for another hour!!
  • Katie is done and miserable...Neuro test KILLED her. Why bother with studying?
  • Katie is taking a nap to forget!
  • Katie made a 98 (unBELIEVABLE) on her Peds test!!!! WHOO HOOOO!!! Takes the sting out of neuro a bit.
  • Katie is eating Chik-Fil-A, getting ready to relax with a bottle of wine and a movie! :)

Finally. Done with hell week. 4 weeks of the hell semester let's just pray that by the grace of God I actually passed my neuro test!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Betty Crocker with Glad Ware

Today I braved the hellish place that is Wal-Mart in a college town. I went begrudgingly, even though it had been 6 weeks since I had shopped and that all there is to eat at my apartment is stale rice cakes.

I had made out a list to keep me from spending $1,000 on ridiculous things, so I just got what I needed. Well, because I take my lunch to school 5 days a week (and I'm pretty burnt out on PB&J), I really enjoy taking leftovers for lunch. The problem is, when all you eat is Lean Cuisines, there isn't really much of an opportunity for leftovers.

Nonetheless, I decided to buy some new Glad Ware today and went a little overboard with my new groceries. I made jello in individual cups to put in my lunch. I cut up 2 cartons of strawberries and put them in Glad Ware (2 of them) to eat this week. Then, I got really ambitious.

I made the most fabulous dinner, without a recipe! Ps- cooking is not my strong point so this is exciting! All I did was:

  • Saute' 2 chicken breasts and cut it all up into bite sized pieces
  • Make one package of pre-packaged rice (I used the Kerr's Rice Sides in Cheddar Broccoli)
  • Prepare one cup of frozen peas in microwave.
  • Then, mix the chicken and the peas into the rice. Stir and eat! Fabulous!
It was really tasty, a little cheesy and with veggies! The best part is that I have 2 days worth of leftovers!

There's nothing like having a stocked pantry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10 Second Rule?

The other day, I was at school and went to get my lunch out of the refrigerator at lunchtime. In our crap hole fabulously wonderful College of Health building, we have a lounge with 1 fridge. This is utilized by approximately 329.7 students who shove nicely place their lunches inside. It's usually complete madness, with lunches strewn about and the likelihood of you actually reaching in and pulling out your own lunch being very slim.

Well, at lunch, I reached into this fridge and pulled out my lunch only to knock someone else's lunch out on the floor. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if 1) the lunch had been in a sack/tupperware, 2) the lunch had been placed elsewhere in the fridge, and 3) if the lunch had NOT come in a teeny tiny styrofoam box with a broken tab/claspy thing.

Anyways, I knocked the lunch on the floor and needless to say, the leftovers went all over the floor. What in the WORLD am I going to do now that I ruined someone else's lunch?

After much deliberation, I decided to dump the food in the trash (it was ruined, the 10 second rule does NOT apply to the floor in the basement of a building that is 100 years old and used to house the cadaver lab). Then I scribbled an "I'm sorry" note on a paper towel and put it in the styrofoam box, along with a cookie and $5 to let the person buy a new lunch. Pretty nice, right?

Well later that afternoon, I went back to the fridge for my Diet Coke, and realized that the box was still there, undisturbed. So I looked inside...and my $5 was still there! So I took it back!! I figured that if the owner of the lunch hadn't eaten/found it buy now, then they weren't going to use my $5!

In my defense, the leftovers were really disgusting interesting looking, consisting of a small portion of spaghetti, mixed with green beans (?) and a half-eaten piece of cornbread. So the lunch owner would have REALLY hit the jackpot with my cookie and $5...I did them a FAVOR!

Back at the fridge today, I noticed the box was still sitting right where I left it, and I seriously considered taking the cookie back too...

In other really exciting news: I won a $4,000 scholarship from school this week! Since my parents are officially cutting me off on May 31, 2009 at 11:59pm, this is going to be such a huge blessing! Hopefully I won't have to take out too many loans that I have to repay for my first year on my own! Yay!
But then in not so good news: school is still making me want to throw myself off a bridge. Between this week and next week, I have:
3 papers
3 tests (2 major ones on the same day!)
1 quiz
2 checkouts
47 group assignments/projects/meetings

Ugh...kill me now!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Overwhelmed, plus some.

Stressed doesn't even begin to describe what I am right now.

Overwhelmed is much more applicable, but even that doesn't have the right connotation sometimes.

Maybe if you qualify overwhelmed with "overwhelmed to the point that I have to try very hard not to throw myself off a building" then it would be accurate.

Physical therapy school is really killing me (and all my classmates) for the next 3 weeks. There is no end.

Maybe I don't want to be a physical therapist anyways.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sex Appeal, Swoons, and American Idol

For the people that know me, it's no secret to them that I have a slight crush...ok, an obsession with David Cook.

I have to preface this post with the fact that I had never watched American Idol before last season. The very first episode, David won me over with his rendition of The Beatles's "Day Tripper" (and let's face it, I'm obsessed with The Beatles too). He was oozed sex appeal and his gravelly rock voice just made my little heart melt.

I watched all season long and even got Trace (who I wasn't dating yet) to text in over 300 votes each week. He was just thrilled to do that. I spent the 2 hours after each show calling and calling and calling...getting to 80 votes each week (that's 80 seperate phone calls, not including the busy signals I got!)

I would spend the 3 minutes of time that he was singing on TV laying over my TV table with my nose pushed up against my flat-screen and just swooning, which is ridiculous, because I'm not one to swoon. There was even one time when David made eye contact RIGHT WITH ME and I may or may not have actually kissed the TV. Sigh. I miss that season...getting to watch my DC heartthrob each week!

I'm watching the new season now and while I'm enjoying it, no contestant has really attracted me quite like Dave. I really like Danny and I really like Kris, but I'm not professing my love and desire to marry one of them (ahem...I still hold onto hopes that David will ask me to marry him!) But the highlight of tonight's result show? David Cook was performing! It was practically the best part of my whole day.

Dave is on tour right now and unfortunately, even though he is coming to my home town, I cannot get tickets because it is only open to students of the university where the concert is held. What kinda crap is that? Even my mom, in an strangely cougar-like attitude, has tried to get her hands on tickets! Boo! I guess for now that I'll just have to hold on to the fact that I saw him live on the American Idol 2008 Summer Tour. Best night of my life!

So David, if by some weird twist of fate (or some crazy internet stalking) you're reading this, please come back to Tulsa and let me get tickets and make my life complete!