Monday, April 13, 2009

Betty Crocker with Glad Ware

Today I braved the hellish place that is Wal-Mart in a college town. I went begrudgingly, even though it had been 6 weeks since I had shopped and that all there is to eat at my apartment is stale rice cakes.

I had made out a list to keep me from spending $1,000 on ridiculous things, so I just got what I needed. Well, because I take my lunch to school 5 days a week (and I'm pretty burnt out on PB&J), I really enjoy taking leftovers for lunch. The problem is, when all you eat is Lean Cuisines, there isn't really much of an opportunity for leftovers.

Nonetheless, I decided to buy some new Glad Ware today and went a little overboard with my new groceries. I made jello in individual cups to put in my lunch. I cut up 2 cartons of strawberries and put them in Glad Ware (2 of them) to eat this week. Then, I got really ambitious.

I made the most fabulous dinner, without a recipe! Ps- cooking is not my strong point so this is exciting! All I did was:

  • Saute' 2 chicken breasts and cut it all up into bite sized pieces
  • Make one package of pre-packaged rice (I used the Kerr's Rice Sides in Cheddar Broccoli)
  • Prepare one cup of frozen peas in microwave.
  • Then, mix the chicken and the peas into the rice. Stir and eat! Fabulous!
It was really tasty, a little cheesy and with veggies! The best part is that I have 2 days worth of leftovers!

There's nothing like having a stocked pantry!

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