Friday, April 17, 2009

This Week In Review...

A review of this week, based on potential Facebook status updates:
  • Katie hates it when she pours a bowl of Special K and all the red berries come out in one bowl. Now there are none left!
  • Katie isn't going to survive this week. 2 tests friday...eek!
  • Katie is sick and tired of attempting to memorize neuro tracts and cranial nerves!
  • Katie's patience is running extremely low this week.
  • Katie thinks that Miley Cyrus should stop headbanging on American Idol. Geez louise, you're singing a ballad in EVENING WEAR. And your voice sounds like you have a perpetual cold.
  • Katie is going to bed without getting much accomplished, again.
  • Katie really enjoyed getting to know her spinal cord injury patients, but now it's back to neuro!
  • Katie did well on the Adult Neuro test from last week, whoo!
  • Katie is pounding Crystal Light Focus at 2am to stay awake. Test #1 is 7 hours away!
  • Katie probably should have studied for her Peds test more...oh well! Freaking out a little now!
  • Katie is down one with one to go before this hell day/week/month is finally over!!
  • Katie can't STAND listening to other people study! This is a QUIET ROOM people!
  • Katie moved rooms and now has a Dorito cruncher to her right and an APPLE CHOMPER to her left!! DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
  • Katie is cramming for another hour!!
  • Katie is done and miserable...Neuro test KILLED her. Why bother with studying?
  • Katie is taking a nap to forget!
  • Katie made a 98 (unBELIEVABLE) on her Peds test!!!! WHOO HOOOO!!! Takes the sting out of neuro a bit.
  • Katie is eating Chik-Fil-A, getting ready to relax with a bottle of wine and a movie! :)

Finally. Done with hell week. 4 weeks of the hell semester let's just pray that by the grace of God I actually passed my neuro test!!


  1. What about the group of quiet friends you found to study with and thus retained your sanity? (Unless of course I was the Dorito cruncher of whom you were speaking...I was eating them, but there was no apple cruncher in the vicinity at the time.)

  2. Good job on the Peds. test!!! You rock!!! As Dr. Degrace would say: Wooh-Wooh!!!
    I was not as fortunate, but considering the fact I only studied for about 30 minutes right before the test, I'm totally fine with my grade! (Not totally fine enough to post it on the internet, but good enough for my own sanity!)
    Yay for the week being over! Have a good weekend!