Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I mistakenly made the decision to do p90x because Trace had the dvd's and i needed something to do at home to kick my rear into gear to get ready for my trip to Hawaii in May.

I made it through approximately 19.2 minutes of the first 57 minute workout and collapsed on the floor. Those workout actors are doing exercises that I didn't even know were physically possible. Ands I'm a freaking PHYSICAL THERAPIST. Exercises are my specialty!

Geeze louise. Now i'm incredibly discouraged and still fat/out of shape, which makes me even more upset. I simply don't have the time right now in my life to flit to the gym everyday, so WHAT TO DOOOOOOO???

Maybe I should at least finish one whole workout before i decide to kill myself. Then I'll sleep well tonight.