Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I mistakenly made the decision to do p90x because Trace had the dvd's and i needed something to do at home to kick my rear into gear to get ready for my trip to Hawaii in May.

I made it through approximately 19.2 minutes of the first 57 minute workout and collapsed on the floor. Those workout actors are doing exercises that I didn't even know were physically possible. Ands I'm a freaking PHYSICAL THERAPIST. Exercises are my specialty!

Geeze louise. Now i'm incredibly discouraged and still fat/out of shape, which makes me even more upset. I simply don't have the time right now in my life to flit to the gym everyday, so WHAT TO DOOOOOOO???

Maybe I should at least finish one whole workout before i decide to kill myself. Then I'll sleep well tonight.


  1. Keep with it! I'll come over and do it with you and then you'll feel like the most athletic person alive!

  2. ha ha ha... I'm pretty unathletic as well. I've recently been going to ZUMBA classes at my gym and they are REALLY fun. There are women of all ages,shapes, sizes, and skill level! that's the great part about it.

    You should look into it...and keep your chin up. P90x is pretty extreme. Just keep moving, take walks when it's nice out. it all adds up and you'll be feeling better in no time!