Thursday, June 24, 2010

stream of conciousness...

the random thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain:

  • i can't wait to be done studying for the boards. hopefully culminating in a PASS!
  • i am anxious/nervous/excited/terrified about moving to Chicago, which is coming up fast
  • i am excited i get to see Trace 3 weekends in a row before my move (this is unheard of for us!)
  • i CANNOT WAIT for my new iPhone4 to get here. I ordered it 1 FREAKING DAY after the pre-sales started and won't get it until July 14 at the earliest. Stupid apple website wouldn't let me through on the first day!
  • i am currently in the process of purging my whole life. this has already yielded 5 crammed trash bags of trash and 2 trunk loads of stuff to goodwill. we were going to have a garage sale, but its a lot of work, its hot, i hate giving my nice things to mexicans for 25cents and my dad is afraid we will get robbed. so i just donated it instead and feel GREAT about it! still have a lot of work to do though...
  • i still don't have a job. I am unemployed. in order to keep my spirits up, i have commenced referring to this as the "FUNEMPLOYMENT" period of my life. sounds better, yeah?

the end.