Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sex Appeal, Swoons, and American Idol

For the people that know me, it's no secret to them that I have a slight crush...ok, an obsession with David Cook.

I have to preface this post with the fact that I had never watched American Idol before last season. The very first episode, David won me over with his rendition of The Beatles's "Day Tripper" (and let's face it, I'm obsessed with The Beatles too). He was oozed sex appeal and his gravelly rock voice just made my little heart melt.

I watched all season long and even got Trace (who I wasn't dating yet) to text in over 300 votes each week. He was just thrilled to do that. I spent the 2 hours after each show calling and calling and calling...getting to 80 votes each week (that's 80 seperate phone calls, not including the busy signals I got!)

I would spend the 3 minutes of time that he was singing on TV laying over my TV table with my nose pushed up against my flat-screen and just swooning, which is ridiculous, because I'm not one to swoon. There was even one time when David made eye contact RIGHT WITH ME and I may or may not have actually kissed the TV. Sigh. I miss that season...getting to watch my DC heartthrob each week!

I'm watching the new season now and while I'm enjoying it, no contestant has really attracted me quite like Dave. I really like Danny and I really like Kris, but I'm not professing my love and desire to marry one of them (ahem...I still hold onto hopes that David will ask me to marry him!) But the highlight of tonight's result show? David Cook was performing! It was practically the best part of my whole day.

Dave is on tour right now and unfortunately, even though he is coming to my home town, I cannot get tickets because it is only open to students of the university where the concert is held. What kinda crap is that? Even my mom, in an strangely cougar-like attitude, has tried to get her hands on tickets! Boo! I guess for now that I'll just have to hold on to the fact that I saw him live on the American Idol 2008 Summer Tour. Best night of my life!

So David, if by some weird twist of fate (or some crazy internet stalking) you're reading this, please come back to Tulsa and let me get tickets and make my life complete!

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