Monday, June 8, 2009

New Room and Pina Coladas

Finally got my new curtains hung and pillows placed (all courtesy of my incredibly talented mom and her 16+ hours on the sewing machine!)'s the pictures!! (I know you've all been waiting with baited breath!)

^^PT books in the closet!

On another note, the other day my group of PT friends were walking out of the building after a particularly grueling day of lecture and lab (5 hours worth). We emerged into a cloudless, sunny, perfect summer day....and we started lamenting the fact that we were stuck in class and not out by the pool. Someone mentioned that we needed to lay out by the pool and drink pina coladas...which prompted the entire group (no joke, there were at least 7 of us) spontaneously burst into a rousing rendition of "Escape". (Also known as "If you like pina coladas-bum bum bum- and gettin caught in the rain...")

It was straight out of a movie...7 girls singing cheesy kareoke randomly!

Then today, I'm only half listening to the TV and all of a sudden I hear...

"If you like pina coladas...."

I look up to notice that Taco Bell has taken the song and changed the words into this:

My personal favorite? The falsetto "if you hate fillin' out your timesheets!"


  1. Your room looks great! Good work!
    OMG!!! I cracked up when I watched the commercial! That was us last week except more like Grease, less solos! Awesome!

  2. I love that printed fabric on your pillows and curtains! Know where you got that?

  3. jill-

    I got it at hobby lobby!! :)