Thursday, March 26, 2009

Granny Pants

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans that you absolutely love? They fit just perfectly and you want to wear them with everything? Jeans you love so much that you wish you had purchased 45 additional pairs of them when you bought the first ones? But when you finally break down and go to the store to purchase another pair (or seven) of the jeans you love from last season, you find out that 1) they don't carry them anymore or 2) they changed the sizing and the new ones just aren't the same?

Well my friends, that happened to me just recently! Last year, I found the perfect fit of jeans for myself at Old Navy. It just so happened that their "Sweetheart" fit (low rise, relaxed through the thighs, flare leg) in a particular size/ regular length fit me just perfectly! I actually bought 2 pairs then and I honestly wear them anytime I want to wear jeans, which, let's face it, is pretty much everyday.

So recently, Old Navy had a big denim sale. $19.95 for jeans? Fabulous! I just couldn't resist going to the store and finding an adorable dark wash pair and another pair just like one I already have. I picked up the EXACT SAME SIZE that I already had. No need to try them on, right? WRONG!!!

A couple of days later, I pull out my dark wash jeans to pair with a cute cardigan for a night out with the girls. When I pulled the pants on, I realized that the waist of the jeans seemed to be sitting considerably higher than they usually do. Upon further inspection, I found that the waist of the jeans was now sitting uncomfortably close to my belly button. Am I shrinking? Or did Old Navy con me into purchasing Granny Pants disguised as trendy jeans?

I decided, after much contemplation to keep the jeans cause not only did I need a few more pairs, but I decided that only I would know that the jeans were riding that high. But that's where my story takes a turn for the worst. Or hilarious.

Yesterday, I was wearing the aforementioned dark wash high jeans and decided to tell my jean woes to my friends in class. I went through the whole story, even explaining about how as I currently sat, the waist of my jeans was well above my belly button (an unfortunate consequence of sitting in jeans). By the end of my story, about 10 of my closest friends were staring at me and laughing, and trying to convince me to stand up and show them!

Let me tell you, there is no way I'm going to stand up in front of a class of 60 of my friends and pull up my sweater and show them how high my pants were riding! At this point, Chelsea and Amanda were explaining that they could forcably stand me up and pull my shirt up and shouting that "Katie is wearing GRANNY PANTS!!!". I think Chelsea even shouted at one point "Don't make me raise your shirt up myself!" and proceed to move closer to me!

At this point, Rigo, our resident metro/crazy guy, is joining in on the goading, asking me to "show him a little sumthin-sumthin". Geez! Then he comes down to where we're sitting and not-so-chalantly tries to look at my pants under the table.

Needless to say, everytime I wear these jeans now, all I'll be able to think about is the fact that I'm 21 years old and wearing granny pants. Thank you, Old Navy.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm laughing hysterically!!! (Like seriously, tears are running from my eyes!) "Rigo, our resident metro/crazy guy"--HAHA!!!
    I'm writing a post for tomorrow--not to try to tell this story myself (because I don't think ANYONE could have told it better!), but to refer people to this post!

  2. WHERE WAS I?!?!?! Man! I missed it. Good to see you on here Miss Katie