Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God laid them heavy on my heart...

Well, apparently I was a little too hasty in posting my Not Me Monday post. Poor MckMama has had to take her sweet baby Stellan to the hospital, where he's been since Sunday night with an alarmingly high heart rate. It appears the same heart problems he was diagnosed with in the womb have manifested again in this chubby, dimpled little boy. To read more updates go to http://mycharmingkids.net/. Please join me in praying for the whole McKinney family!

On a similar note, I stumbled across the most powerful blog yesterday, Angie Smith at Bring The Rain (http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/). For some reason I felt drawn to read the older posts, and started in January of 2008 when Angie and her husband, Todd found out that their 4th daughter, Audrey Caroline, was diagnosed with fatal medical complications in the womb. Her blog is about her journey through the rest of the pregnancy, about Audrey's birth in April 2008, the 2 hours she spent on earth with her family, and subsequently, her death/burial.

I felt so emotionally connected to this stranger, and although I have reletively nothing in common with her, I sat and sobbed as I read her story. I was witnessing her heartache and was unbelievably sad that I had not met sweet Audrey myself. Over the course of the rest of her blog to the current day, I read about Angie's struggles and her successes, about her adorable twin daughters, Ellie and Abby and her spunky (and hilarious) daughter Kate.

What I found the most amazing though, was the incredible witness that Angie is to her faith and her Lord. She is the type of Christian that I hope to be, one so completely in love and dependent on the Lord. She is an incredible woman of God. I highly suggest going to her blog and catching up with her story. Angie's a gifted writer and very funny too!!

Anyways, enough gushing about my bloggy obsessions, but I felt like God laid these two mothers and their sweet children on my heart last night. Join me in praying for MckMama and her family as Stellan fights for his life, as well as for Angie and her family's continued healing!

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