Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Which I Complain...A Lot

Today has been a bad day. Let's start from the beginning.
  • I come outside today to get in my car and head to the hospital and realize that my car has been broken into. The inside is completely ransacked...all the contents of my glovebox and center console are everywhere. After a few minutes of distraught searching...I realize that the only thing the damn thief took was my $200 GPS system. Which was all in the console. They couldn't have known it was in there. Anyways...I'm pissed and the cops literally laughed at me when I called. (I don't want them to try and find it. That would be dumb. I just want them to be aware of the fact that there is a burglar in my neighborhood.)
  • Was supposed to see an echocardiogram this morning at the hospital, but the patient never showed and my friend and I were stuck making small talk to the echo-tech for almost 2 hours. We learned his entire life story before we were able to escape, not even joking. Man, Desert Storm sounded like a helluva time.
  • My CI (clinical instructor) realized that we only had one patient for the afternoon, and told us that we'd have half a day! WHOO! Then she decided that she was going to go home and stick us with the other PT who is TERRIBLE. I mean, he doesn't even put gait belts on people!! That made for an incredibly long afternoon.
  • Then I found out that I get to observe a Total Knee Arthroplasty surgery on Monday. It's my day off. I have to be there at 7am. Suck.

(I just got interrupted by a police officer at my door asking about my break-in).

But, all of the above is slightly rectified in the fact that I found out Sir Paul McCartney is coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 17.

That's right folks, I am trekking all the way to New York City in 2 weeks to see the ex-Beatle...and less than 2 weeks later, he's coming to my doorstep. Looks like I'm gonna see him twice!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry about your horrible day. Yikes on someone breaking into your car, but I'm glad you're okay. Here's a big blog hug from me: {hug}